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Delegate to Succeed

IMG_20200607_074908Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard in the 60’s came out with the explanation, “handing off responsibility from a leader to a worker” which later came to be known as the Delegating Leadership Style.

It is also known as laissez fair (non-interference in other people’s affairs, French Term), as the leader places greater responsibility on his subordinates. 

“Successfully using delegation of authority as a leadership style would take more energy and time, but it is worth to make employees involved and empowered. It is good to know that you have helped them develop, succeed and meet your expectations, while building their confidence.” (

While working as a Team Leader, I have effectively utilized the Delegating Leadership Style. The results were Awesome. We, as a team were able to complete the assigned tasks effectively on time and in several occasions before the stipulated time. The most satisfying aspect is to observe the high level of zeal and passion of the contributing  subordinates/ team members. It generates trust and confidence, motivates and empowers people. 

One can become a delegating leader only if he/she has the capability to judge his/her subordinates effectively, have a firm grip on the subject, believes in empowering and motivating his/ her subordinates or team members. According to my practical experience, before applying this style, one should

  • Critically assess the capability of the team (skill & knowledge of team members)
  • Understand the readiness of the team
  • Plan for the task
  • Set clear deadlines
  • Pinpoint responsibilities with accountability
  • Review in regular intervals
  • Scope for mid-term corrections
  • Regular Interaction and Feedback

A person can effectively adapt the Delegating Leadership Style only if he/she has a high level of:

  • Trust
  • Good Communicator
  • Effective Planner
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Time Management
  • Believes in Empowering Others

In plain-speak, I prefer to say it as “Sharing and Caring Leadership Style.”

My motto  and firm belief of “Successful Task Accomplishment (STA)” has always been a major contributor in the positive and effective contributions. 

“Celebrating Success is a big moral booster and motivating factor in this style.”


  • If You Want It Done Right, You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself!: The Power of Effective Delegation by Donna M Genett 
  • To Be a Great Leader, You Have to Learn How to Delegate Well by Jesse Sostrin

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