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Pasighat … a place so serene and refreshing.

Pasighat, a 108 year old town of Arunachal Pradesh, India is the headquarter of  East Siang District of the state. A picturesque town, mostly inhibited by the Adi people, is also said to be the oldest town in the state is on the banks of river Siang, which is the mighty river Brahmaputra after entering the plains of the state of Assam.

Scenic surroundings, plains of Assam, paddy as you drive through…
Ranaghat Bridge… over River Siang…. about 5 kms from Pasighat Town
Pristine Pasighat…Refreshment to the fullest
I Love Pasighat… Photoframe.

Sirki Waterfall, about 12 from Pasighat, it is a must visit. The road starts to ascend into the hills and after driving for approx 20 minutes enjoying the beauty of the hills you reach the destination. The steps are steep and at the end of the steps, climbing you reach the first phase of the waterfall. Next, is the more arduous climb, with no steps, over the stones, luckily a water pipe to hold and balance. the climb is really difficult but worth. Its just WoW…

Road to Sikri Waterfalls from Pasighat Town

Sangam, the confluence of two water bodies; where the Green water of River Siyom meets the murky water of River Siang as seen by us. Its around 70 kms drive from Pasighat and on the road towards Aalo. After crossing the Pangin town, which is bypasssed, another 5-6 kms of road, that will require good driving skills, one reached the point. The bridge leads to Komsing and towards the right the road uphill leads to the Hanging Bridge…just unbelievable….

Road to Pangin… towards Sangam and Hanging Bridge…
River Siyom…green waters flowing to meet River Siang
Confluence Point of River Siyom and River Siang... where the Green water meets the Murky water of river Siang … locally called Sangam
Bridge over River Siyom … Salute the people… towards Komsing and Boleng.
Hanging Bridge over River Siang… the lifeline of the people…
Hanging Bridge over River Siang … Safe and Secure; but the walk across is …
Only such few places to eat… Good warm food… cheap… Rice and Maggi available…

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  1. Very useful and informative writing. Nice place, inspired to plan a trip to Pasighat.


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