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Lessons of Life : Vision of a Father

I was looking outside the window and was engraved in the beauty of nature when a few rain drops brought me in senses. The first thing that came to my mind was that I should get a Rickshaw, once I get down to take me home. By the time the bus reached the bus-stand, it was raining heavily and no one was around. It was about to be dark and I was a bit worried. As I landed my foot on the ground, I saw an old man with a Rickshaw waiting for me. It felt like a God sent a gift for me. He welcomed me with a smile and addressing me as ‘daughter’ asked me the intended place I want to go. I got up quickly as it was still raining and directed him towards my home. As he starts paddling, he starts a conversation by saying that rain may be pain for others, but it is a boon for him. When it rains, he is always available and so he gets passengers. As I didn’t respond, was out of my mind a bit due to the work overload, he asked me whether I was annoyed with him for him calling me as ‘daughter’. His question brought me back to my senses. I said that its fine as I am the age of his daughter, further I also told him that due to the weather and a hard day’s work I was a bit absent minded. I felt like, he was trying to say something, or in this rain why he would try to start a conversation. With my encouraging words, he was boosted up and sought my permission to speak about himself and his family, if I intend to hear. I was eager to hear his story and asked him to speak. He started by telling that his family leaves far away in his native place. He lives a simple plain life and with the savings, he had educated his two daughters and got them married to good families. He only son has graduated and is now preparing for UPSC Exams. In fact, he has cleared the Prelims. He also told me that if someone clears the UPSC Exams, he/she can become a Deputy Commissioner or Superintending of Police of a District, pointing out to the Office of DC that we just crossed. He also said that, whenever he meets his son after long gaps, since the latter’s childhood, he used to make his son dream of becoming a DC or SP after growing up. In fact, he took his son to the district headquarters to show the office and residences of DC / SP. I expressed my surprise and satisfaction and acknowledged his contribution and said that may God bless him and his son with success to achieve the goal as the mains exam were at hand. The conversation ended as I reached home.

I forget about the incident, until a few months later I again saw him at the bus-stand. I waved at him and he immediately recognized me and the ride began. I asked him about his son. With grief he informed that his son was unable to clear the mains. However, he has not lost hope and has started preparing with full force. Altogether, now he has started taking tuitions and is managing his expenses. With the money earned, he has enrolled himself in coaching and is fully determined to crack the exam. I found the person a bit worried, he was talking about getting his son married. I suggested him to wait for another couple of years and then decide as he no longer needs to send money to his son. He was relieved and thanked me and asked to pray for his son’s success.

            This is one of the many examples / real life stories of a father dreaming of his son/ daughter becoming someone of status in society. One important ingredient of this is that every father wants his son/ daughter to become someone of greater heights than himself. But, to dream big, really big, like this person, the person has to be special. This person was special. He had a caring heart, cared for his family and others, even the people he carried. He himself said that he did not have any bad habits. His vision was clear and he planned, took steps towards its achievement. He inculcated in the young minds of his son the seeds of his dream. His son too was able to live up to the expectations of his father.

            Money is never a hurdle, although it makes the journey easier. High ethical standards, caring for others, preparing a roadmap, are some of the traits which helps in achievement of one’s goal.

Road to success is tough but not impossible if we try honestly and conscientiously.

7 thoughts on “Lessons of Life : Vision of a Father”

  1. Fantastic brother. Life experience in simple language but was touching. It’s educative too. Keep it up so that this brother of yours continue to feel proud of you.

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  2. His writing is remarkable one…n written in simple words describing what he encounters in his path of journey…it helps one to learn from his blogs….

    Liked by 1 person

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