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Interview … What not to do !!! if Appearing. Part 2

Speak about oneself with Confidence and Passion


The first question in most of the interviews is “Tell us / me about yourself?” Everyone going to appear in an interview is aware beforehand that this is the most likely question. On the other side the Interviewer (s) also expects that the process shall make a good start if this question is asked. The answer sets the path fort the next stage of the interview and as going by the common saying “Morning shows the day”, the mark is made at the beginning with an answer to this question. However, to the utmost surprise, most of the candidates are unprepared for this simple yet very important question. Neither is the introduction structured nor proper with all the information desired. Why?????? Simple reason is the lack of preparedness. It is an inherent feeling of human being that one knows about oneself the most; hence no need to prepare for answer to such a question. But, in practical life preparation is the key, it makes the difference. To run a 100 meters race in a world level completion that lasts no more than 10-11 seconds in single run, an athlete spends hours daily in the track preparing. Then only in the competition, the athlete is able to perform up to the best of capabilities. “You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.” is what Zig Ziglar said, and so true in every aspect of our life.

So, the key to success to this ice-breaking yet important question is preparing. The right sequence of putting up of things is very important. Start with, name and from where you are. Touch on about your parents and siblings, and then move on to your educational qualification starting with the latest one, indication your rank and name of the institution. Then slowly move on to hobbies, extra-curricular activities and any other information that may add value to the process. Finally, sum with your strengths and weaknesses. Such a sequence makes the interviewers satisfied and the chances of supplementary questions are mostly reduced. Further, the interviewer does not need to probe any further as most of the desired information is obtained. The smooth path to the next stage is already created. Remember, only continuous preparation shall make it worth listening for the interviewer.


The sequence is Effective for any position, whether fresher or experience. The only addition in case of appearing for an experienced position is the proper detailing about the experience covering all the achievements.

            What stops you????? Just PREPARE

to be continued…

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