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Interview … What not to do !!! if Appearing. part 1


‘Tips for appearing in interviews’, ‘How do I prepare for interview?’ etc. are some of the very frequent questions that I encountered from various persons, mostly prospective job seekers. If one surfs the internet then there are hundreds of sites, blogs offering various techniques, suggestions about how to prepare for interviews. However, due to my current position these questions come up very frequently as people want to know about the practical aspects. This has encouraged me to pen down some of the already known aspects of preparation for appearing in an interview, but from a practical stand point; based on real life examples.

Let us start with the wonderful quote of Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, international bestselling author and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner who said Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

One of the very basic aspects is preparation – preparing about self and the job

It reminds me of what Arthur Ashe, renowned American tennis player. “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”  He showed us with his action by becoming the only black man ever to win the singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open

In most of the cases may be around 90% of the people who appear are not fully aware of the job they are applying for. This is true even if the job role is clearly specified in the advertisement. So, what happens! Naturally the one who is able to speak about the job is in an edge above the others. This is a very unfortunate and unbelievable aspect, but sadly true. It pains a lot and makes me wonder and I do not get the answer to my question

‘Why?’ , ‘Why so?’.  A majority of such a population are there genuinely for the job. And the end result, to return empty handed.  Who is to be blamed, no one else then self.

Another surprising aspect is that a sizeable amount of the population seeking a job mostly comes either overdressed or shabbily dressed for the occasion. It neither helps them nor the interviewer. The interviewee is not at all comfortable due to the dress, maybe wearing such for the first time and hence not at all comfortable, leaving the interviewer unimpressed. Only in a few rare of the rarest cases amongst such categories, only few can overcome and express themselves and are able to win over the situation.  The old saying of ‘First impression is the last impression’ is known to all of us and even then we are causal. In this context it is worth remembering that “Dressing is a way of Life”, as very meaningfully quoted by Yves Saint Laurent, the famous French fashion designer.

The most shocking situation is when a candidate is asked about one of the most common question in any kind of interview for any kind of job i.e. ‘Describe yourself’, ‘Tell something about yourself’. Astonishingly, most of the candidates flatter in giving a good introduction. Surprise! Surprise! Only the select few who are able to sell themselves in this very first step makes the atmosphere conducive for them, and are able to reap on the benefits.

Other notable lacunae are poor body language, lack of communication skills which encompasses mostly the drawback of proper listening and unable to express oneself due to lack of confidence.

Appearing in an interview is an unknown territory where the chance of coming out victorious depends on proper planning i.e. preparation and execution. Self-confidence is the key.  Attempt shall be made to elaborate on the important aspects as mentioned above with some sharing of expenses which may be beneficial for some.

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