Unsung Heroes... True leaders


I happen to visit this book store for finding out a reference book which was not readily available for my kid. This book store is the main epitome of books in the city and if you are unable to find it here, the chances of finding it any of the large number of bookstores is very bleak. This is the place from where books are dispatched to other bookstores in bulk.

In spite of their very hectic schedule running from 10 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening, with also erratic customers, the sales people are extremely courteous. In my few visits, I have observed that this behaviour might have been due to the amicable nature of the owner. From continuously writing bills, recording the sales and also effectively handling customers, the person is an “Effective” one. Moreover, during the very few interactions, observing him, I have found to be a person of good heart; his genuine attempt has always been to help the people mostly the students. These were only perceptions till the other day.

I happen to visit to visit the bookstore at around 7:45 pm and the crowd was less. As I handed over the money, I asked the timings of their job to which the salesperson replied that it is from 10 am to 8 pm. My immediate remark was intended to the owner with the phrase, “It might be so taxing for you every day.”

The owner remarked, “I just sit, but these boys have to run here and there and they even do not get time for lunch at the right time. Their job is very strenuous.”

I was taken aback; this person who is the owner is so much concerned for his employees. Oh!!! What a gem of a person. I could not resist saying to the employees, “You are lucky to work under such a good person.” They immediately acknowledged.

I felt like saying something to the owner and said “Sir, since you sit for so long every day, may you please go for a walk in the evening. It will be beneficial for you.”

He replied, “Yes, I have to, but have been unable to manage.”

I continued, “Just a casual walk for 30 minutes, releasing all the tensions / stress generated in the day. I follow this routine as my job also involves working at a stretch for long hours.”

He looked at me for some time and the remarked, his voice low and filled with emotion, “Till date nobody has spoken to me like this, so caring. I do not know you, but I take you as my younger brother and assure you that I will start what you have advised; a sincere advice from a younger brother.”

The happiness I felt was just unbelievable…. This is LIFE.

Location: Book Corner, Panbazar, Guwahati, Assam, India.



3 thoughts on “Leader”

  1. Its very true that if a boss is kind hearted(like you)😊😊,then time does not matter..and other hand the happiness can’t imagine if an unknown person agrees with your little advice..

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  2. Its very true that if a boss is kind hearted(like you)😊😊,then time does not matter..and other hand the happiness can’t imagine if a unknown person agree with your little advice..

    Liked by 1 person

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