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Preparedness……Part 1

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin

          Preparedness; a state of readiness, is in a larger context the cornerstone of success in one’s life. There is not a pinch of doubt that in any matter related to one’s own self, if he or she is not prepared the result will be disastrous. This discussion is mostly centered on the importance of preparedness in professional life which also is applicable in personal life.

  “Before anything else, preparedness is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell.P_20170617_124347_1_p

Let’s take the case of facing a job interview. What’s the most innocent and initial question an interviewer asks the interviewee? “Tell me about yourself” or “We would like to hear from you” or “Give an introduction” etc. etc. Although the wordings vary, but the inherent meaning is the same, the interviewer wants to know about the interviewee. A very simple question and is known to everyone who goes to face an interview, but the answer to it paves way for the further course of the interview. The answer has the potential to tilt the situation in favour of the interviewee. So, in this era of cut-throat competitiveness there is no scope for error and the interviewee has to be well-prepared.  But, personal experience has made me to conclude that the preparedness of most the candidate in an interview to this very basic question is appalling. A line of advice is to be well prepared and in advance. Write down all the information you have to share in advance, refine it, practice and then come prepared. This will help you to face the interviewers in a relaxed and confident manner and you can set the tune for a favourable interviewing atmosphere. The best sequence may be to start with one’s current status, family background, educational details, interests and finally the work experience. This is a laminar flow of information in a logical sequence and in most cases it minimises the advent of probing questions. Remember, too many of probing question leads to loss of interest by the interviewer and make the situation an uncomfortable one. The motto is to wisely sell oneself.


to be continued…

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