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Father’s Teachings

The nursery of character building is one’s home. Blessed is the person with wonderful parents who are compassionate but also tough, with high ethical standards. I consider myself lucky to be blessed with parents of indomitable spirit and high moral values. As a child although their words seemed somewhat inefficacious, in the later stages those were just golden words for a better life. Adhering to their words, suggestions and commands have helped me to live a life of happiness with satisfaction and content. The words my father spoke to me very firmly with emotion and did not cane me, although the occasion deserved such a punishment still echoes in my ears and brain. This golden phrase has helped me in my distress, to live with my head high. Looking around, I too feel that these are epitomes for a better life to be cherished by self and respected by others. From a very humble to a respectable government position in the education world with high qualifications, my father came a long way and is an epitome of perseverance and success. In our various conversations at different situations, he speaks very highly of his parents, although illiterate, who instilled the hunger for success and roots for ethical standards in his childhood.

On that particular day, my father said to me,

“Do not do things in public which you cannot do in front of me.”

I was about 12/13 years old and it changed my perception and moulded in me a character for life.

Although a simple phrase, it encompasses several dimensions of life, be it honesty, character, attitude, temperament, personality, integrity, leadership and so on.

It has tremendously helped to remain self motivated in difficult stages if life.

To walk with head high in the journey of life.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Teachings”

  1. That’s why i confess everything related to me,that I can learn something new from you sir. i have faith on you.

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